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Cross Creek Tractor is a distributor of aftermarket replacement parts for farm tractors and light construction equipment.
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Used Ford® Tractor Parts

Cross Creek Tractor has a wide selection of used Ford® tractor parts to choose from. Here you can find carburetors, injection pumps, hydraulic pumps, oil pumps, and most any tractor part that you need.

We also carry a great selection of new, rebuilt, and used Ford® tractor parts for years ranging from the 1930's to the present. This includes 5000 tractor parts, 4000 tractor parts, 3000 tractor parts, 2000 tractor parts, 8N tractor parts, and even 9N tractor parts.

You can easily browse our extensive list of new Ford® tractor parts as we have gathered a list of popular parts for you to choose from. You can also search our list of tractor models and links below to find your tractor parts. While you will find that we carry most parts on our site there are many tractor parts that are not listed. Please contact us to see if we carry the part you are looking for.

You can send us a tractor parts inquiry here or call our experienced and friendly sales staff today at 1-800-462-7335 and we'll help you find your tractor part. Thank you for shopping with us.

Used Ford® Tractor Parts

Ford® Tractor Parts

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Ford® Tractor Clutch and Parts

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